Who is this guy, and why is he scribbling on my internet?

Put your feet up. Relax.So there you are, relaxing in your living room. The kids are asleep, the dog is snoring at your feet. You flip open the laptop and fire up your trusty browser… And that’s when you see it.

Some jackass has scribbled all over your internet.

I mean all over it. He’s invaded your Twitter feed. He’s defaced your Facebook. He’s ogling your most intimate Pinterest boards. Who is this inconsiderate jerk?

That was me. Sorry.

Ever since I discovered that there were other people using the internet, I’ve felt terribly guilty about appropriating it for my own purposes. I did make a mess of it, leaving snarky comments lying about and letting pizza boxes accumulate in the corners.

I’d like to make amends for my digital sloth. Since I’ve already annexed my own corner of the internet here on this blog, it would be selfish of me not to share it. And so, I’d like to invite you to make yourself at home.

In the coming weeks, I’ll be furnishing this space with stories about my journey as a writer, my obsession with puzzles and wordplay, and my love of sci-fi, fantasy, and horror. If you find something you like, some shiny bric-a-brac that calls out to you, I hope you’ll take it home with you to share with your friends.

Feel free to explore. Play with the vintage Star Wars figures — all out of their boxes and no longer mint, sadly, because I never could leave them trapped in their plastic and cardboard prisons. Browse the shelves of dog-eared paperbacks. Rummage around in my sock drawer, if that’s your thing. Raid the fridge. Mi casa es tu casa. Go ahead, put your feet up on the coffee table! Unless you don’t put your feet on the coffee table at home, in which case, you can put your feet up on mine. Mom’s not here to scold you.

Know that you’re welcome to crash on the couch any time you like. Just be warned: I never did find out what those noises in the basement are.

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Author, cruciverbalist, serial hobbyist... John Doppler blends science, art, and humor into a delicious smoothie of chaotic evil.
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  1. I’ll be following with much interest!

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