The Future of Mind-Reading

In my novel, Spectra, researchers use a fictional device, the DMRI, to take live, three-dimensional video of the brain’s activity. Not just the structure, but the actual patterns of thought and perception as they flash through the synapses of the brain. It’s mind-reading without the psychics.

In the jaw-dropping TED talk below, Mary Lou Jepsen recounts how researchers are reading patterns in the brain and actually reconstructing images from those scans.

Jepsen says, “Can you imagine, if you will, a movie director being able to use her imagination alone to direct the world in front of her? Or a musician to get the music out of his head… The remaining bottleneck in being able to do this is just upping the resolution of brain scan systems.”

That technology is advancing by ever-widening leaps. And what comes after reading signals in the brain?

Writing them, of course. Encoding them. Implanting them.

And that technology is the basis of the STAMP, another fictional device… at least for now. We’ll discuss that prediction in a later article.

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