2033 is the year consumer electronics will change forever.

Seth Paxson is the co-inventor of the STAMP, a tiny device that projects video imagery directly into the visual cortex and enhances human perception. It’s a breakthrough that’s about to make him and his business partner very wealthy. But when his partner takes his own life, and Seth begins to experience terrifying hallucinations, he realizes that their invention is to blame… and the investors know it.

Now Seth is in a race to save his sanity and the lives of millions of unsuspecting victims.

Tormented by alien visions that threaten his mind, and fleeing a corporate conspiracy that threatens everything he holds dear, Seth Paxson is about to learn that sanity is a matter of perception.


A mind-searing novel of sci-fi horror, available soon.

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  1. When is this coming out? Hope soon 😉

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