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I’m a proud member of the Alliance of Independent Authors, an organization of and for professional indie authors. ALLi has always been a wellspring of useful information for both aspiring and established authors, but their newest resource struck a particularly resonant chord for me.

ALLi’s newly launched campaign, Ethical Author, establishes a simple, clear code of ethics for all authors. And in the midst of scandals about plagiarism, paid reviews, cyberbullying, sockpuppets, and generally nasty behavior, it’s a welcome addition to the publishing landscape.

Had Tiffanie Rushton taken these tenets to heart, she would not be a defendant in a Federal lawsuit today. It is my hope that every author will learn from her mistakes, and tattoo these guidelines on the insides of their eyelids for easy reference.

My name is John Doppler, and I will always strive to be an Ethical Author.

ALLi Ethical Author Code

This article and its comments originally appeared on The John Doppler Effect.

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