Kindle Unlimited Page Counts Adjusted

Six months after the debut of Kindle Unlimited, Amazon has revised its algorithms for KENPC, the Kindle Edition Normalized Page Counts. KENPC attempts to create a standard measurement for ebook length that’s independent of formatting and device. It is the basis on which payments are made for Kindle Unlimited and Kindle Online Lending Library downloads.

KENPC 2.0 involves two significant changes: the formula used to calculate the number of pages in Kindle Unlimited titles, and a cap on payments of 3,000 KENPC pages per book, per user.

An extremely unscientific and casual street poll suggests that the recalculated KENPC has resulted in an increased page count (as high as 40% among the authors polled) for most authors, but a significant decrease (up to 20% reported) for some. Amazon estimates the average change at less than 5%. The intent of the adjustment is to further normalize page counts so that formatting differences do not result in an unfair distribution of the Global Fund.

Payments are now capped at 3,000 KENPC pages per book downloaded. The new limit is intended to curb unfair payment allocations for larger books like reference works, but may affect some box sets.

Changes go into effect immediately and will be reflected in the payouts for pages read in February.

Check your KDP Dashboard to find your new KENPC numbers.

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